Lackawanna River

After longingly waiting Keith and Bob and myself finally got up to the Lackawanna River in North Eastern Pa, the Lack is a class A wild brown stream that stretches roughly 40 miles from Carbondale to the Susquehanna River in Scranton Pa, the water stays consistent all year from feeders coming out of the hundreds of mines in the areas mountains, all though always carry a thermometer during the summer months on any stream, we have been extremely lucky this season here in Pennsylvania I must admit but years like last haven’t been so true.

One of the more technical rivers I’ve fished this class A was quite humbling. Making us change flies change leaders change weight etc. We were certainly challenged but that is what this game we call fly fishing is about, that’s what truly makes a fly fisherman/fly fisher woman keep coming back for more. Some days we enjoy ass beatings, definitely betters your skill so the next time hopefully you have learned something. Stones and caddis seemed to produce the fish we did catch although not hooking up on some of the trophies that are In there we knew we left plenty of fish including some slammers behind but that’s why we will be back. Wild Urban trout are so pressured and that’s why we feel blessed to catch what we did.

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much appreciated all the information they shared with me to make a plan of attack on this stream. Please Check them out in Dickson City during your Visit

Buying a Rod 

Thanks. Sat is booked, my wife’s sister is visiting from Michigan. Sunday is clear. What about you? 
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Great stuff keith! How’s your weekend looking?

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags

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Give this a review.. 

Let’s talk about buying a rod. With so many brands out there, what do you buy, what do you spend? Now a days you can spend as little as 10.00 at a yard sale or 1,000. But why spend so much?!?!? 
Each rod has had its own special characteristics, that someone may or may not like. From different grips, reel seats, guides, wrap color, weight etc.. the list goes on and on.
For me I’d like to decide on.
1. Price, do I want to spend that much? 
2. Weight, casting a 1970’s Fenwick all day may be a bit tiring, compared to a new age Echo. 
3. Warranty, I like knowing, if something happens to my, I can get it fixed or replaced. Accidents do happen. 
4. Color, yea.. it’s silly and stupid. But I like different colors. Not everyone will, Today there are some wild colors, thanks to Swift Epic and Blue Halo. 
5. If I buy that 900.00 orvis rod, will I cast better and catch more fish? 
My answer is no. I can cast the same, with a 39.99 Eagle Claw Sweetheart Glass rod as I can with a 900.00 Orvis Helios. This is just me. Others out there will say different. But I know my crappy casting. It’s all the same. 

My final thoughts are. Buy the rod. Not the company. Go out and test each rod, with reel and line you plan on using. Take your time, get a feel for the rod. That is why there are so many different rods to choose from. What works me, will not always work for you. 

Hopefully this helped some of you out and makes sense.

Wild Urban trout

Hey everyone welcome to the ReelandHackle blog, today I want to chat about something near and dear to me and the type of fisherman that I am,  urban wild trout.  I think when people think of flyfishing and wild trout a lot of times their brain goes to images of cascading waterfalls, grizzly bears, big tall mountains like places like Montana, Wyoming and the upper Delaware and  central Pennsylvania. But for me growing up in an urban environment with class A streams minutes away I was blessed to learn to fish for wild trout in walking distance of my home where I grew up and also now reside.

History of urban trout is long, but times like the industrial revolution with steel industry, Mining and railways really damaged many trout streams in the eastern part of the country. Steel companies  like in Bethlem steel put more chemicals and iron in the Lehigh River there any nuclear power plant around and places  like the Lackawanna river in Scranton I could’ve been  destroyed due to mining and that’s just one  percent of thriving wild trout streams that could’ve been no more. But with help from government organizations like DEP EPA and nonprofit groups like Trout Unlimited all to name a few but there are so many organizations that have brought back wild trout to city’s all over but right here in eastern Pa is seeing some of the best fishing opportunities in the state right along with central Pa and the pocono mountains. I love fishing those places and they are so special they all have amazing fishing and bug life is out of this world but these Urban limbstoners and spring creeks can hold some gold if you know where to look.  Thank you for following ReelandHackle  *JG*IMG_1705412D7949-4A75-4887-8423-7E6BED7E4C60IMG_2888IMG_2898

TailWater Techniques


Today I have a special write up, form my buddy David Jolie. This post is about fishing TailWaters. What is a TailWater? Wikipedia states..

“Tailwater refers to waters located immediately downstream from a hydraulic structure, such as a dam (excluding minimum release such as for fish water), bridge or culvert”

“Tailwater can refer to a type of fishery. Tailwater fisheries can be defined as Tailrace fishing which occurs at the outflow from large dams, where the size of the reservoir creates a steep temperature gradient, with colder water stored at the bottom of the reservoir near the outlet. The constant cold-water flow provided by the reservoir’s outflow, coupled with the generally silt-free nature of the outflow, creates ideal water conditions for cold-water fish such as trout in environments that ordinarily might not support a robust trout population”



TailWaters will provide great fishing, do some research and go out an explore.

Thanks Dave for a great write up, check out the link and promo code!








Tailwater Techniques

If you have tailwaters near you, you are very lucky. Tailwaters are commonly referred to the waters below a dam.  The bottom of the lake above will have nice cool water.  If the dam is bottom releasing as many are, then as they release water through the dam the lucky side effect the creation of trout habitat in the waters below them with a constant flow of cool water.

Tailwaters create interesting ecosystems, not unlike large spring creeks in water chemistry and biology. Some spring creek techniques can work on tailwaters.  Following are some tricks I’ve learned over the year….and some good bugs.


  • Go small close to the dam. The water temperatures can stay pretty constant. The water won’t go through the typical seasonality as a freestone river. Thus, the constant very cold water that comes from bottom release dams doesn’t usually grow large insects. Some typical sizes are 22-16 for most dry flies and nymphs.
  • This can be very technical fishing. You really need to match bugs exactly as you can. Tailwaters tend to produce large numbers of bugs so fish get very good at knowing what they are eating.  When matching, go size first, then shape, then color.


  • Get you bobber. Most tailwaters produce large numbers of aquatic invertebrates that never turn into flying bugs. Scuds, aquatic worms, and sowbugs are often very abundant in tailwaters.  Fish stay down. Why risk going to the surface and getting plucked by an eagle or osprey when you’ve got a food conveyor down deep.


  • Remember that tailwaters have different hydrology than other rivers. Some large hydroelectric dams vary their outflow according to energy needs, creating flows that fluctuate enormously. Some dams have very stable outflows, far more stable than a river formed by snowmelt or rainfall. It is wise to check with local fly shops and government agencies about what to expect out of the tailwater you plan to fish. You can check the current flows on our site here.


  • Fish during off periods. In the dog days of summer, most streams are far too warm to fish…..not tailwaters. During the dead of winter when everything else is frozen over…..not tailwaters. Give ‘em a go, you’ll be glad you did.

That’s it for now my fishy friends. Remember, put in “Blog20” in the coupon code section and get 20% off all of our flies

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags


-David Jolie-


IMG_2839.PNGWell I finally got out to the stream to test out the new Nucast smokin hot 4wt this weekend. With having two little kids fishing time has been tough but was really glad to get out for a few hours early in the morning.

The valley had some good rain and the streams are very full and it was perfect for nymphing and throwing small streamers and that is what I did.

Managed a few fish on nymphs and one good rainbow on a weltys wooly bugger, tied by my good buddy Bob.

As far as the rod review the smokin hot 4wt from Nucast casted small streamers effortlessly and had great action during the retrieval. Unlike some rod where you feel disconnected from the streamer, I felt constant tension from the current which to me is a key to success. It’s a beautiful rod and the casting and action is 2nd to none and competes with some of the much more expensive rods I’ve used. A very good rod for an even better price, check them out at Nucast.usa. I’m very pleased to be an ambassador of such a great fly fishing company.


River Bum premier online store


Well folks… I just spent the last hour or so talk to David Jolie. He is the owner of River Bum. Yes that right, I was talking to the owner of River Bum!! His online store has some of the todays, top gear in stock and ready to ship to you. They have Redingtion, Loomis, Hardy, Monic Lines, SA Lines, Korker Boots, Flies.. Hell I could go on and on.

River Bum has been around for 12 years, David and his Business partner took it over 3 years ago. Since they took it over, the business has become overwhelming successful!

Here is a quote from David.

“At RiverBum, we love to hear from our customers. Please send us your product reviews, fishing reports, pictures, product ideas, and of course suggestions. RiverBum will continue to expand and will include even more premium fly patterns and products. We firmly believe we have the best quality flies in the marketplace today selling at fantastic prices. Our goal is to establish long term customer relationships, delivery value in all we do, and help make the outdoor experience accessible to all. It’s the RiverBum way.”


Like most of us, David is first and foremost a Father and Husband. Which takes up a lot of his time, with home life or sports, honey do lists.. we all know how it goes. But the business does not take a back seat. This sport can be expensive, River Bums goal is to make it affordable for everyone! They want to encourage all ages to get into the sport we so much love!

“As a busy husband, father, and avid fly fisherman; I became frustrated with our fly choices: either pay a premium for flies and not get premium quality, spend hours of time at the vise, or buy something cheaper only to have it fall apart after a couple casts. This was the motivation that began the RiverBum concept. Our goal is to provide premium, reliable, quality gear that will help us maximize our time on the water, and offered at fair prices that everyone can afford.”

These are words right out of David’s mouth.

Which is true, we don’t want to spend tons of money, only to find out our purchase did not hold up. Before you buy your next dozen of flies or new rod/reel. Check out River Bum!!




DUN Magazine Release



My friend Jen Ripple Editor in Chief of Dun Magazine is set to launch the print editions of DUN Magazine.  The June-July edition of DUN Digital is now live and single copy sales of our inaugural print edition are now available through our website as well! They will be in your hands in the next two weeks!! Thank you so much to all our amazing authors! BTW, the print edition is COMPLETELY different than the digital….check out a few of the pages of the print edition on our shop page! (


DUN magazine is a lifestyle magazine geared toward the female fly angler. Empowering women, while not ignoring men, DUN magazine focuses on education, conservation, everyday anglers and sheer, pure fun. Each edition is filled with great articles and information. Its great to have something in print, to show off the female angler!


Well done Jen and congrats from ReelandHackle! We cannot wait to see what else is in store for you at DUN,..




ICAST 2017 TFO shows off A2



ICAST 2017 is being held July 11 – 14, 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This is the show of all shows, where vendors show there new and hottest items. TFO will be lunching the our new Axiom-II or A-2. The Axiom-II has a patented process of combining high, modulus carbon fiber with Kevlar to increase strength, with out adding weight. The result of  this is a much stronger rod, with abilities like no other. Stay tuned for pictures and more details.


Here are some reviews of the original Axiom. As you can see by the reviews the first Axiom, is a great rod. The A-2 will be even better.



(The original Axiom)

The 7wt…. all i can say is this will be my go to rod for medium to large fish.. with a 7 wt line its castable but not enjoyable… with an 8 wt its much better… I would rate the rod a 8wt in stiffness… it also was a cannon… cast a full 100ft line perfect… line landed perfectly straight to the fly….

the 5wt…. now seeing what i had felt on the other rods i figured this one would follow suit… and it did… casts like a rocket but likes one size heavier but not as much as the others.. its more of a 5.5wt… also the 5 wt backbone is heavy… i would have no problem using the 5 wt against large steelhead… the rod is not one for light tippet trout fishing…

-Ctious- the fly fishing forum-


The Axiom is a powerful rod and I think I can cast tighter loops with it than any other rod I’ve used. There is a layer of Kelvar wrapped the graphite during construction. What it does is cause the rod to straighten back out very quickly, this produces a very fast action rod, but without the stiff “broom stick” feel of other very fast rods that I have cast.

-Rexw texas fishing forum-


I’m a believer in Axioms. I have fished an 8-weight since they first came out and I love it. It is fast and accurate with just the right amount of lifting power. I have used it on the flats for reds,specks,and bonefish, in the surf for whatever will hit a fly, and in freshwater for hybrids and stripers. I also have 6-weight that is fantastic for calm days on the flats.

-flyslinger texas fishing forum-


#tforods #powertotheangler




Night time is the right time

With the summer time heat kicking in we’re starting to give fish a break during the day, either fishing tricos early in the morning or ripping streamers at night so I decided to take  a very good friend out last night for a night time striper trip on the Delaware on the fly. Did not connect with any big bass but it was great to get out and just chat on the banks ripping streamers with our 8 and 7 wt fly rods.

We fished for a good hour and a half or untill our arms were going to fall off, so decided to head to a local trout stream that hold giant wild browns.

Big difference between the two streams we fished first the Delaware your trying to cast in the dark and trying to get it as far as you can possibly see which really isn’t that far, then the creek your trying not to cast to the other side and get hung up in over hanging limbs.

We hooked into two fish one feeling very heavy but both weren’t hooked very good and ended up loosing them so pics to share after this trip.

As always thanks for following us at and have a great           July 4. Tight lines everyone


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