BVK 10′ 4wt great nymphing rod 

As most of you saw, Sunday was my first time “tight lining”. I had a great time and quickly saw, I have a lot to learn. I quickly found out I really need to watch my surroundings. 10′ rod + trees/ branches+ 3′ wide stream= losing 70.00 of flies!!!! 

Well once I got things figured out, I did hook up and landed some fish. I feel the BVK is a great rod to tight line with. You have the extra length, since it is 10′. Plus like all TFO rods, PLENTY of backbone. 

I was amazed at the sensitivity of the rod, being able to pick up, every tick off the bottom. I was able to feel every hit, I missed plenty of fish. This rod is extremely sensitive and light. Perfect combo for tight lining. 

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