Night time is the right time

With the summer time heat kicking in we’re starting to give fish a break during the day, either fishing tricos early in the morning or ripping streamers at night so I decided to take  a very good friend out last night for a night time striper trip on the Delaware on the fly. Did not connect with any big bass but it was great to get out and just chat on the banks ripping streamers with our 8 and 7 wt fly rods.

We fished for a good hour and a half or untill our arms were going to fall off, so decided to head to a local trout stream that hold giant wild browns.

Big difference between the two streams we fished first the Delaware your trying to cast in the dark and trying to get it as far as you can possibly see which really isn’t that far, then the creek your trying not to cast to the other side and get hung up in over hanging limbs.

We hooked into two fish one feeling very heavy but both weren’t hooked very good and ended up loosing them so pics to share after this trip.

As always thanks for following us at and have a great           July 4. Tight lines everyone


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