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ICAST 2017 is being held July 11 – 14, 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This is the show of all shows, where vendors show there new and hottest items. TFO will be lunching the our new Axiom-II or A-2. The Axiom-II has a patented process of combining high, modulus carbon fiber with Kevlar to increase strength, with out adding weight. The result of  this is a much stronger rod, with abilities like no other. Stay tuned for pictures and more details.


Here are some reviews of the original Axiom. As you can see by the reviews the first Axiom, is a great rod. The A-2 will be even better.



(The original Axiom)

The 7wt…. all i can say is this will be my go to rod for medium to large fish.. with a 7 wt line its castable but not enjoyable… with an 8 wt its much better… I would rate the rod a 8wt in stiffness… it also was a cannon… cast a full 100ft line perfect… line landed perfectly straight to the fly….

the 5wt…. now seeing what i had felt on the other rods i figured this one would follow suit… and it did… casts like a rocket but likes one size heavier but not as much as the others.. its more of a 5.5wt… also the 5 wt backbone is heavy… i would have no problem using the 5 wt against large steelhead… the rod is not one for light tippet trout fishing…

-Ctious- the fly fishing forum-


The Axiom is a powerful rod and I think I can cast tighter loops with it than any other rod I’ve used. There is a layer of Kelvar wrapped the graphite during construction. What it does is cause the rod to straighten back out very quickly, this produces a very fast action rod, but without the stiff “broom stick” feel of other very fast rods that I have cast.

-Rexw texas fishing forum-


I’m a believer in Axioms. I have fished an 8-weight since they first came out and I love it. It is fast and accurate with just the right amount of lifting power. I have used it on the flats for reds,specks,and bonefish, in the surf for whatever will hit a fly, and in freshwater for hybrids and stripers. I also have 6-weight that is fantastic for calm days on the flats.

-flyslinger texas fishing forum-


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