DUN Magazine Release



My friend Jen Ripple Editor in Chief of Dun Magazine is set to launch the print editions of DUN Magazine.  The June-July edition of DUN Digital is now live and single copy sales of our inaugural print edition are now available through our website as well! They will be in your hands in the next two weeks!! Thank you so much to all our amazing authors! BTW, the print edition is COMPLETELY different than the digital….check out a few of the pages of the print edition on our shop page! (DunMagazine.com)


DUN magazine is a lifestyle magazine geared toward the female fly angler. Empowering women, while not ignoring men, DUN magazine focuses on education, conservation, everyday anglers and sheer, pure fun. Each edition is filled with great articles and information. Its great to have something in print, to show off the female angler!


Well done Jen and congrats from ReelandHackle! We cannot wait to see what else is in store for you at DUN,..




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