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This weekend 6/24-6/25) Dave is going to participate in is first Fly Fishing Tournament.  He will be SLAYING trout in the CPA Classic. Dave has been doing some intense learning, since the comp world is SO crazy. You can only have certain leader sizes, no weight, barbless hooks, certain distance between flies… Too much info for me. none the less, Dave is going to be kicking so butt!

Dave will be fishing  Little Juniata River, Spruce Creek, PA, Kishacoquillas Creek, Burnham, PA, Big Fishing Creek, Lamar, PA. I know he has went to every location and secretly, put the biggest fish on a stringer already. LMAO!!! This is one of Dave’s many things on his bucket list. Jeff and I wish him the best of luck this weekend.

We even have some words of advice. “Dave if you don’t win, don’t come home!” and your kicked off the blog.


Best of luck buddy!



I stole a pic, of Dave “TOP” secret Cabelas flies for this weekend.


CPA Classic (www.flycomps.com)

Other competitions are listed on there website.




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