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Tight Lines and Screaming Drags

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Let’s talk about buying a rod. With so many brands out there, what do you buy, what do you spend? Now a days you can spend as little as 10.00 at a yard sale or 1,000. But why spend so much?!?!? 
Each rod has had its own special characteristics, that someone may or may not like. From different grips, reel seats, guides, wrap color, weight etc.. the list goes on and on.
For me I’d like to decide on.
1. Price, do I want to spend that much? 
2. Weight, casting a 1970’s Fenwick all day may be a bit tiring, compared to a new age Echo. 
3. Warranty, I like knowing, if something happens to my, I can get it fixed or replaced. Accidents do happen. 
4. Color, yea.. it’s silly and stupid. But I like different colors. Not everyone will, Today there are some wild colors, thanks to Swift Epic and Blue Halo. 
5. If I buy that 900.00 orvis rod, will I cast better and catch more fish? 
My answer is no. I can cast the same, with a 39.99 Eagle Claw Sweetheart Glass rod as I can with a 900.00 Orvis Helios. This is just me. Others out there will say different. But I know my crappy casting. It’s all the same. 

My final thoughts are. Buy the rod. Not the company. Go out and test each rod, with reel and line you plan on using. Take your time, get a feel for the rod. That is why there are so many different rods to choose from. What works me, will not always work for you. 

Hopefully this helped some of you out and makes sense.

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