I’d like to talk alittle about a new company that I connected with, True Fly Supply. Alittle about True Fly, company is based out of Colorado and they sell professionally tied flies by actual guides.

Now if you’ve ever been like me you tie your own flies and you’ve been alittle skeptical of other tiers, but what I’ve found through social media is there’s a lot of people that do not tie their own bugs and that’s where this gets cool! When you purchase a subscription of monthly, six months or yearly, you get a dozen bugs that are specifically sent for that time of year every month  for that time of year and a paper with how to fish them for the beginner still trying to get a grasp on this crazy sport( we’ve all been there).

The best part is they are sent right to your mail box! No waisted time at the fly shop and more time on the water! Get yours today! Use code Jeffrey at check out for a one time 10% off your first subscription!

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