Nucast 4wt vs. massive bow

IMG_3610On a local limbstoner with many trout breaking the 20″ mark, mainly browns and rainbows, I head to one of my usual haunts and bring the 9′ Nucast 4wt to do some tightline nymphing. Blue winged olives are just starting to pop in the morning so I load the rod with a small olive nymph  with a heavy hares ear pattern I’ve been working on that suits this particular stream well to get down deep fast. Well I have a long standing history with this fish, I won the first battle with her two plus years ago but  she has won a few in between. Today she met the size 18 olive nymph that was attached to the Nucast rod and  Nucast synergy Reel. She was going no where, Head shakes were as violent as could be but the light rod forgave all of them. The drag on the reel is incredible and pinned that fish in front of me the entire fight, now it was up to me to make a clean net job, unfortunately she doesn’t fit in the net to well as you can see in the photo, so I scoop her head the best I can and safely snap some photos and send her on her way!

Thank you for reading! And thank you Nucast!!


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