Lackawanna River

After longingly waiting Keith and Bob and myself finally got up to the Lackawanna River in North Eastern Pa, the Lack is a class A wild brown stream that stretches roughly 40 miles from Carbondale to the Susquehanna River in Scranton Pa, the water stays consistent all year from feeders coming out of the hundreds of mines in the areas mountains, all though always carry a thermometer during the summer months on any stream, we have been extremely lucky this season here in Pennsylvania I must admit but years like last haven’t been so true.

One of the more technical rivers I’ve fished this class A was quite humbling. Making us change flies change leaders change weight etc. We were certainly challenged but that is what this game we call fly fishing is about, that’s what truly makes a fly fisherman/fly fisher woman keep coming back for more. Some days we enjoy ass beatings, definitely betters your skill so the next time hopefully you have learned something. Stones and caddis seemed to produce the fish we did catch although not hooking up on some of the trophies that are In there we knew we left plenty of fish including some slammers behind but that’s why we will be back. Wild Urban trout are so pressured and that’s why we feel blessed to catch what we did.

Special thanks to:

much appreciated all the information they shared with me to make a plan of attack on this stream. Please Check them out in Dickson City during your Visit

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  1. The Lack is a great river, good to hear you enjoyed. It’s worth a return trip for sure and as you said, there are plenty of big trout to be caught. Be careful though – the Lackawanna is absolutely not cold all year round and most sections have thermal issues in the heat of summer. There are indeed many cold mine seeps but not enough to maintain safe angling temperatures 100% of the time. Water below mine outflows may be cold enough, but these areas serve as thermal refuge for fish that migrate from warmer sections. Fishing them in the heat is unethical at best. This year has been a blessing as far as mild temps and ample rain, even so, during the couple heat waves we did have the Lack exceeded 70 degrees during the day in many areas. Not trying to be a dick here, just wanting to inform! Tight lines!

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