Wild Urban trout

Hey everyone welcome to the ReelandHackle blog, today I want to chat about something near and dear to me and the type of fisherman that I am,  urban wild trout.  I think when people think of flyfishing and wild trout a lot of times their brain goes to images of cascading waterfalls, grizzly bears, big tall mountains like places like Montana, Wyoming and the upper Delaware and  central Pennsylvania. But for me growing up in an urban environment with class A streams minutes away I was blessed to learn to fish for wild trout in walking distance of my home where I grew up and also now reside.

History of urban trout is long, but times like the industrial revolution with steel industry, Mining and railways really damaged many trout streams in the eastern part of the country. Steel companies  like in Bethlem steel put more chemicals and iron in the Lehigh River there any nuclear power plant around and places  like the Lackawanna river in Scranton I could’ve been  destroyed due to mining and that’s just one  percent of thriving wild trout streams that could’ve been no more. But with help from government organizations like DEP EPA and nonprofit groups like Trout Unlimited all to name a few but there are so many organizations that have brought back wild trout to city’s all over but right here in eastern Pa is seeing some of the best fishing opportunities in the state right along with central Pa and the pocono mountains. I love fishing those places and they are so special they all have amazing fishing and bug life is out of this world but these Urban limbstoners and spring creeks can hold some gold if you know where to look.  Thank you for following ReelandHackle  *JG*IMG_1705412D7949-4A75-4887-8423-7E6BED7E4C60IMG_2888IMG_2898

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