River Bum premier online store


Well folks… I just spent the last hour or so talk to David Jolie. He is the owner of River Bum. Yes that right, I was talking to the owner of River Bum!! His online store has some of the todays, top gear in stock and ready to ship to you. They have Redingtion, Loomis, Hardy, Monic Lines, SA Lines, Korker Boots, Flies.. Hell I could go on and on.

River Bum has been around for 12 years, David and his Business partner took it over 3 years ago. Since they took it over, the business has become overwhelming successful!

Here is a quote from David.

“At RiverBum, we love to hear from our customers. Please send us your product reviews, fishing reports, pictures, product ideas, and of course suggestions. RiverBum will continue to expand and will include even more premium fly patterns and products. We firmly believe we have the best quality flies in the marketplace today selling at fantastic prices. Our goal is to establish long term customer relationships, delivery value in all we do, and help make the outdoor experience accessible to all. It’s the RiverBum way.”


Like most of us, David is first and foremost a Father and Husband. Which takes up a lot of his time, with home life or sports, honey do lists.. we all know how it goes. But the business does not take a back seat. This sport can be expensive, River Bums goal is to make it affordable for everyone! They want to encourage all ages to get into the sport we so much love!

“As a busy husband, father, and avid fly fisherman; I became frustrated with our fly choices: either pay a premium for flies and not get premium quality, spend hours of time at the vise, or buy something cheaper only to have it fall apart after a couple casts. This was the motivation that began the RiverBum concept. Our goal is to provide premium, reliable, quality gear that will help us maximize our time on the water, and offered at fair prices that everyone can afford.”

These are words right out of David’s mouth.

Which is true, we don’t want to spend tons of money, only to find out our purchase did not hold up. Before you buy your next dozen of flies or new rod/reel. Check out River Bum!!





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