I want to talk about the trico, a late and very anticipated summer mayfly hatch that is pretty much a country wide staple on most trout streams in July and August

There are three main species that are important to North American anglers: T. minutus, which hatches across the country, and T. stygiatus and T. allectus, which are most prevalent both in the East and Midwest. T. minutus is slightly larger than the other two species but because of their similar appearance and life cycles, there is little need to distinguish one from another.

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Trout can be fooled by a size 22-26 trico spinner below a run in slower pools. Fish will gather in schools and gorge themselves on the lifeless mayflies.  Males will hatch at night and find refuge in trees and brush while the  females will hatch early in the morning and both will come together to form a mating swarm over faster riffles where after alittle while the females will begin to dab the water to deposit the eggs. Now is when the spinner fall happens early in the morning while your sipping your coffee on the stream bank you’ll start noticing noses on the water. Fish now have actively started feeding on the spinners, that could last fir an hour to several hours depending on weather and water conditions that day. Here on the bushkill I have noticed little to no activity if the water is cloudy but if it’s a sunny morning you will notice thousands of bugs in the mating swarms.

This summer time hatch is not an easy hatch to fish but the rewards can be pure gold. Very large fish will key on these tiny bugs. George Harvey once said this hatch is the most important because if you can master this you realistically fish any other hatch on the planet. I hope this info was helpful and  Thank you for following the page and as always tight lines and good luck out there!

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