Brooke Fishing Equipment Fly Boxes 

There are several fly boxes on the market.. but there is only one with silicone inserts. Brooke Fishing Equipment has revolutionized the scene, but having a 100 silicone instert. With these insterts, you will no longer, get foam sections stuck on your hooks. If your box gets wet, these inserts do not hold water. Have you ever dropped your box in the water, to slowly see it sink? Well with Brooke Boxes, the float. Wait what??? Yes they float, how freaking amazing is that?!?!?  Not to mention these are 100% made in the USA, right in Bozeman Montana. Brooke has a few options, with or with out slits in the foam or a large patch. They are reasonably priced at 35.99 for the box and 33.99 for the patch. Check them out at 

This is my box, one of the best part, is the depth. None of my dry flies get smashed, like they do in other boxes! 

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