Rock treads

 Are your studs not what you expected them to be? Are you tired of slipping, when your fishing? WE ALL ARE!!!!!!!

Finally a company called Rock Treads has solved your problem. You may be asking what the heck are Rock Treads. They are round aluminum dics, that screw into your boots. Another question, why aluminum? The answer is……..

Aluminum is softer than the rock you are stepping on. With just 50 pounds of pressure, Rock Treads discs will mold to each and every surface you step on—providing simply the best wading traction the market has ever seen, with no stream contamination concerns. You simply screw the Rock Treads discs into the bottom of your current rubber-bottom wading shoe/boot. Choose your pattern—remember, each foot is different—and screw them in. Our patent pending product goes in simply with a pilot hole (drill bit provided), and our custom screw doesn’t have a sharp point you can feel like other screw alternatives. A Rock Treads kit, compared to any other wading device, is the most cost-effective way for you to have extraordinary traction in wet, slimy, rocky environments—with no felt!


These are the best treads I have ever found, it honestly like Velcro. You stick and wont be unstuck, until you move. I can’t until others get a hold of these, to experience for their own. Rock treads are worth every penny. Price points are listed below. Do yourself a favor and stop slipping- go get some ROCK TREADS!!!



(This is my set up, on my Korkers)





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  1. I just installed these on my Choda boots. They replaced the Korker style spiked sandals. They work just as well or better. There are two major benefits I have already experienced. 1. Boots are 40% lighter with out the sandals. 2. The Rock Treads wear better and last longer. Have not lost a single tread so far. I would also recommend purchasing the 28 count opposed to the 18 count. The reason is, better coverage on your boot. Plus, in the event one is lost, you have a extras to replace it with. Well worth the $$$.


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