TFO Mangrove Review

A few weeks ago, I finally got a chance to fish with my TFO 9′ 5wt Mangrove. Out of all the TFO rods I have fished with, this is by far my favorite. It has everything an angler could want. It has a sleek look, backbone, lifting power and the ability to throw line 40-50 feet (for me its 30-40 not a good caster). In any condition this rod will preform, obviously if its windy adapt to the wind, the rod will for sure cast. The wraps are stellar, it features a full wells grip with an instant rod weight burled cork ID system and tactical series guides, what more  can you ask for?? All of the TFO rods are well built and designed Flip Pallot and crew did a fantastic job. I cannot wait to purchase a 6-8 wt. I truly feel this rod has enough backbone to land a 20lb carp, with no problem.

When I fish this rod, I up line with Rio Trout LT WF 6 wt line. I do this with a most of my rods, I think I get a better cast out it. At the price point of 259.95-299.95 you will get all of your moneys worth. I would hands down put this rod, up against any “high end rod”. Don’t doubt yourself, in choosing this rod. I promise you will not be disappointed.




This is my this first fish caught on the Mangrove, it was my PB 17″ wild brown trout. Gotta love those natural blue cheeks!



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